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    Take the Leavers to Leaders scorecard to discover your leadership influence and transition journey. You will get a 14 pages customised report based on your answers and invited to the LTL community.

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    As part of our foundation series, LTL Challenge is a CPD programme for individuals to discover their next career path in 21 Days. During those 21 days you will be able to better understand your leadership journey.

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  • Leadership Driven Campaign

    Discover How To Stand Out In Your Field by implementing the Leaders Operating System in your daily job.

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    This is a masterclass series for corporate and partners run in collaboration with our Learning driven consortium partners across the UK, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Are You Ready To Lead Your Career?

Changing societies, changing world of work and changing technologies mean industries and businesses are being invented every week, month and year. As a mid-career, you deserve the right to take control of your career in today’s changing landscape of technological, political and social reform.

The world has shifted so much in this twenty-first century that anyone who toils on the old model will no longer make a living for life. In this rapidly evolving market, embracing change and exploring new industries and opportunities is essential. The traditional career paths of the past are giving way to dynamic and emerging fields. Being open to new possibilities allows you to tap into exciting ventures and find a career path that aligns with your skills, passions and aspirations.

Leavers to Leaders gives you a blueprint for survival during a career transition. It gives you a map and a compass so you know:

– What to look for and ignore as your navigate your career
– Leading opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution
– The techniques to embrace the complex changing workplace
– Tried and tested leadership strategies to get from here to there
– Stand out in your industry

So what are you waiting for, join me and my leadership team by visiting the link below and get your Leavers to Leaders report, FREE.

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21-Day Challenge by Leavers to Leaders

Join our 21-day Challenge as part of the our foundation program in Leavers to Leaders.

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OP: BELONGING is our social arms for Foreign & Commonwealth service personnel & Veterans in the UK


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In this interview, Samuel T. Reddy is in Conversation with Richard Wyath from BFBS Aldershot.

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At the annual Army Welfare Services for the South East, Samuel T. Reddy highlighted the.

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Leavers to Leaders 7 Steps to Reinvent Yourself While in Transition

A best-selling book

Reinvented: Leavers to Leaders in Practice The Ultimate Blueprint for Surviving During Career Transition
7 Career Transition Mistakes To Avoid Foreword of Leavers To Leaders
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