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Leading Opportunity

Many times I come across LinkedIn profile statuses stating that the individual is ‘looking for the next opportunity’ especially if the person is coming out of the military.

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Liven Up Others

Is it not fascinating that no humans are identical, not even identical twins? Let`s take for example fingerprints, which police officers use to identify one person from another.

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Leading Oneself

The world is changing and so must you. We are now in a digital revolution where technology is replacing humans. It has now become easier to check out at Sainsburys and easier to get a cab in under five minutes than speaking with a human.

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Leading Others

Predominantly, we have the traditionalists who will be those born before 1945, followed by the largest generation the baby boomers, and their children, the Gen X or Generation X (those born between 1965 to 1980).

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Review of the book

What  are our clients saying about us?

General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE
General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBEForewords of Leavers To Leaders

This book offers positive advice about what to expect and how to deal with it. I commend it to everybody who is making their transition run and knows they need a compass and a map.

Paul Bennett
Paul BennettDirector of Enterprise, Southampton Business School

Samuel is a true thought leader and has the enviable ability of translating his thoughts into practical and actionable processess in this authoritative book.

Sandeep Sesodia
Sandeep SesodiaNon executive Director of The Hampshire Chamber Of Commerce

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. "

Matthew Lawson
Matthew LawsonChairman New Forest Business Partnership

This book provides a really useful roadmap for ambitious servicemen and women who are exploring and setting out on thw excting entrepreneurial journey by setting their own business.

Lynn White
Lynn WhiteExecutive Vice President, Head of HR, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

As an experienced HR leader, I found your advice "spot on", practical and relatable.

Paul McGillivray
Paul McGillivrayCo-Founder and technical director, Remote New Media

Samuel T. Reddy has written a heartfelt, insightful and sometimes personal guide to all the essential steps and qualities required of today's entrepreneurial leadership.

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Foreword By Paul Bennett, Director of Entreprise Southampton Business School.

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General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE

Thousands of sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen and airwomen leave their Service every year around the world. Whether they served their country in uniform for a …

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