Leavers to Leaders Accelerator

Leavers to Leaders Accelerator is the 1st Career Strategy Post Graduate Diploma in the UK based on the Leaders Operating System for talented individuals who become influential leaders. The programme is based on the bestselling book by Samuel T. Reddy, a  career strategist and thinker

Leadership transition during mid-career requires more than one step; it is the ability to capitalise on the accumulated skills and experiences to navigate the changing landscape of the future.

About Leavers to Leaders (LTL Model)

Leading Opportunity

For the last five years, technology has been changing the landscape of how we do business and ultimately affecting how we work. This new opportunity is now available to anyone regards of social status or education. Yet most people in mid-career still operate as they did in the 90s. This module shows you how to lead opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution.

Liven Up Others

The world has shifted so much in this twenty-first century that anyone who toils on the old model of networking will be left behind. This module is about what to look for and ignore as you navigate midlife.

Listening To Others

Networking is key in midlife; who do you listen to and how to use your current network to build your new career is crucial. The elevator model that we use places you at the core of your career while building a strong network.

Learn From Others

Reverse mentoring and mentoring others are part of the learning process. Any mid-career with ten years left is already feeling the shift in the marketplace. While learning is now becoming a life-long process so you can be relevant.

Leading Oneself

Would you follow someone who can manage oneself and lead oneself in complex situations? This module is based on the military value of leading oneself first, which is available in the marketplace. This module uses the techniques to embrace a complex, changing workplace while making your mental ecosystem work for you.

Leading Others

Managing and leading others are closely related and part of the same system; however, a manager needs extra skills to lead others, while a leader needs superior skills to manage others. This is about mentoring and coaching your team, and this module focuses on developing the leader in you.

Leading Organisation

An organisation can range from SME, Corporate, Charity to a fish & chips shops. This module is based on the learning-driven organisation of Dr Alaa Garad (PhD). It takes you into a masterclass series to lead your organisation to the next level while becoming a learning-driven organisation.


Take the LTLscorecard.com to discover your leadership journey and get your Leavers to Leaders Report on how to lead your career and leadership transition.

Leadership transition is both tactical and relational and always personal.

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